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Here in central Maine it has been a very good year for crops. This is the sixth or seventh year that rainfall has been adequate (sometimes more than adequate) for the entire summer. It did get a bit dry in September, but yesterday we emerged from a four day monsoon which left up to five inches of rain around the state. Everyone was thankful it wasn't 20 degrees colder. 40 inches of snow would not have been a good way to close out fall.

Maine is now the second largest (after Vermont) producer of maple syrup. We think it is time to celebrate that with a new giftpack. It's called "Mainely Maple" or, perhaps "Sugar on Snow." That term comes from an old New England custom which entails boiling the syrup down a little more, then dripping it out on the snow, where it cools quickly to a taffy-like consistency. Eaten with homemade doughnuts and sour pickles, it doesn't take much to satisfy the most ravenous sweet tooth. Maple is much more than something to put on pancakes and this giftpack is designed to show some of that versatility. During WWII many New England rural households used it exclusively for sweetening, in the absence of refined white sugar.

We will be charging the same this year as last for shipping ($12, except $13 for packages going west of the Mississippi). For shipping outside the 48 contiguous states, call for a price and we will get a quote from UPS.

We mail this brochure to everyone who has purchased items from us or received a gift in the last four years. It is a great privilege to be welcomed into your home each year and we appreciate it so much. We wish you and yours a peaceful and meaningful Christmas season.

Happy Holidays!

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